Everything begins with the first line.

Hello! My name is Leon Adama and I was born on July 1, 1987 in Bucharest, Romania. I am visual artist specialised in fields like sculpture, painting and graphic design studying to become an architect and urbanist at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism. I’m also an industrial designer and iconographic painter.

In 2006 I finished Nicolae Tonitza Fine Arts Highschool, learning in the first years Industrial Design but changing my passion to sculpture for the rest of the highschool. In the same year I was accepted at Ion Mincu University of Architecture and Urbanism at the General Architecture section.

In 2015 I was accepted at The National University of Arts Sculpture section but for personal reasons after a few months I had to quit.

Since the age of 5 I began to draw on the walls in my house on Mironiuc street. Ah my dear parents, they always had to repaint the whole house early. It really amuses me when I remember. At that time I had no idea of my future, and perhaps neither my parents (I actually wanted to be a firefighter or a garbageman). But still a small hint or spark my parents did noticed so they encouraged me by purchasing the paper and pencils. The rest followed naturally.

Each person has a creative bag of tricks. Mine would be: monochromatic tones, contrast, solid lines, alignment, scale, clean, focal points, simplicity, power, humor, empathy, fun, great skill, attention to detail, etc.

When it comes to design, I judge success by the number of people touched by my work positively. Skills play a large role, of course, but ultimately, I think that the final result should be happy people, or at least do not be upset.

And because art includes a multitude of facets, I also exercise my pencil in fantastic prose and lyrical creations as a different way to be. As a future architect I dream of buildings and cities that transcend our imagination, whose future will not deny the greatness of the past.

Everything begins with a simple line.

As a visual artist I create both Traditional and Digital art. These two major categories have different ways of expression and that's why I love to play with both of them. As a digital artist I mainly create graphic design content; from logos, typography, illustrations, webdesign, ui/ux design, print & book design, packaging to industrial design. Combined, these multitude of services or specialities can be also translated into Branding strategy (identity, concept, logo, typography, illustration, marketing, social media, etc.) wich I also create.

From time to time digital painting is also a must do for me. But for more information about what I can do, please check my Portfolio and my Services pages.

Architecture is the will of an epoch translated into space.

I like to sketch a lot. Drawing by hand is a relaxing pleasure for me. I know our desks are getting smaller and more crammed with computer monitors, but sketching is an essential communication skill. I admit my sketching has fallen out of practice but it’s something I always strive to do more. Sketching is the most expeditious way to express an idea.

We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect.

When I write, I know myself better. I began writing when I was in 7th grade. From 2011 I felt like expressing my feeling, emotions and opinions through writing. So I began writing. Soon after that some interviews came along and after that some very positive feedback from people that encouraged me to write more. Unfortunately I don't have so much time anymore to do this but hopefully I will make some.

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